Vanguard Vacuum Trucks, Inc.
Company Information

For more than 25 years, Vanguard Vacuum Trucks, Inc has been setting the standard for vacuum trucks along the gulf coast. Every aspect of our operation is based upon the core values of integrity and reliability, and we are constantly striving to raise our already excellent level of customer service.

Our 22 vacuum trucks are by far the cleanest and well maintained fleet in the industry. Our fleet maintenance program is rigorous and is based on pro-active, rather than re-active measures. Forecasting and fixing our problems before they occur helps us to provide a level of efficiency and peace of mind that our customers deserve.

We at Vanguard Vacuum Trucks, Inc are also committed to safety. We understand the value that a good safety plan brings to our customers; that’s why we meet or exceed every D.O.T. regulation.

Call Vanguard Vacuum Trucks and experience the peace of mind that we’ve been providing to our customers for over 25 years.

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